Modal Scarf Printing

Modal scarf printing with No Minimum Custom Design Digital Printed Modal Cashmere Blend Scarf。

Product Details

Production Description

Modal scarf printing can be used to match clothing and play a role in decoration. It is a must-have accessory for women. It is very comfortable and has a unique soft feel that adapts to the curves of the human body. In addition, it looks very beautiful, full of drape, which is suitable for formal occasions. However, it is worth noting that since it is made of natural materials, we recommend that you take it to the laundry for washing.

Product Details

Product Type:

 Custom Modal Scarf Printing


100% modal

Fabric Type:



Digital print


Eyelash   fringed 




Custom designs




Modal   scarf printing


  • Soft to the touch, bright color, tough and wear resistance.

  • It has a unique resilience, strong longitudinal and lateral strength, and a unique velvet feel.

  • Antibacterial, environmental friendly, green and UV resistant.

  • Heat storage and heat preservation, antistatic, porous structure with good sweat absorption and moisture absorption.

Production Process

  • Custom printing with low minimum. One meter for sampling and one roII(4550 meters) for production.

  • Wide range of base fabrics available for selection. From silk, cotton, viscose to polyester. you may select one of them based on your needs
    Working with partner factories who specialize in SILK FABRICS dyeing. we offer IN-STOCK plain silk fabrics as well as custom dyed silks in Pantone codes,

  • Offer finished items, including eye masks, pillowcases and scarves.

  • 1. Fabric Selection, 2. Starching Up, 3. Artwotk Adjusting, 4. Printing, 5. Steaming, 6. Washing, 7. Post Treatment, 8. Quality Inspection.




Payment & Delivery

Exported from Shanghai, China

Delivery lead time: 7-12 business days for strike offs or sampling and 10-15 days for bulk production.

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