Pure Silk Chiffon Digital Printing Fabric

Pure silk chiffon digital printing fabric is an elegant, sheer fabric with a soft, beautiful drape, slight stretch, and crepe-like texture.

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Pure silk chiffon digital printing fabric is an elegant, sheer fabric made of 100% mulberry silk. is comfortable and breathable, light in texture, soft and draped, comfortable and breathable. Printing is widely used in silk chiffon, which makes it more stylish. Printing is an element that is popular every season. Printing various types of flower patterns on clothes can give people a refreshing feeling. It has a unique texture and a special drape that is perfect for making shirts.


Product Type:

Pure silk Chiffon digital printing fabric


100% Mulberry Silk

Fabric Type:



Digital Printed


Lightweight, smooth, airy


Multi colored

Supply Type:

Make to Order


114cm(45'') and   140cm(55'')


  • Interwoven with plain weave, the fabric has a small density of warp and weft.

  • The texture is light and transparent, soft and elastic, and the appearance is elegant, with good breathability and drape.

  • Not easy to fade, easy to take care of, machine washable, good firmness.

  • Note: Let it dry naturally and do not wring it out after washing.


Pure Silk Chiffon Digital Printing Fabric is mostly used in summer thin clothing, such as shirts, slings, linings, skirts, curtains, etc. In addition to clothing, it can also be used for the production of hand paint, fan, embroidery and other craft products. 


Production Process                               image009.jpg

Payment & Delivery

Exported from Shanghai, China

Delivery lead time: 7-12 business days fro strike offs or sampling and 10-15 days for bulk production.

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