The Origin Of Scarves
- Nov 24, 2018 -

Our ancestors in ancient times, in the era of Chiyou, the Yellow Emperor, those winning animal skins were awarded to those who deserve to be affirmed. That is to say, the scarf was not only for the physiological needs of warmth, but also for spiritual comfort and encouragement. Of course, the animal skins at that time should be unprocessed, or with blood, very rough.

Bamboo fiber scarf

Modern scarves are textiles for cold and dust-proof decorations such as necks, shawls and bales. Cotton, silk, wool and chemical fibers are used as raw materials. Processing methods include weaving, knitting and hand knitting. According to the shape of the fabric, it can be divided into square scarf and long scarf. If a square scarf is cut diagonally, it becomes a triangular scarf after sewing. There are plain colors, color lattices and printing and other varieties. In order to make the hand feel soft, clear and durable, most woven square towels are made of plain, twill or satin weave. The warp and weft of silk scarves are usually made of 20-22 denier silk or chemical fibers, mainly white weaving. The silk blanks are refined, dyed or printed. Light and transparent texture, soft and smooth feel, weight between 10-70 g/m 2. For spring and autumn season, there are Satin plaid, crepe de chine, twill silk and other varieties. Long scarf with ears at both ends, ears must have weaving ears, filling ears and winding ears. Fabric weaves include plain weave, twill weave, honeycomb and warp weave. Woven and knitted scarves have pulled scarves, which are made by pulling the blank of the scarf through a wire or bayonet puller. The surface of the wool is short and dense, and the handle is thick, which improves the warmth retention of the fabric. Wool scarves can also be shrinked to achieve plump wool and compact texture. The warp and weft of long silk scarves are mostly made of 20/22 denier silk or 120 denier glossy rayon, and the weft yarn is usually made of strong yarn. After dyeing, printing or painting, embroidery and so on, the silk body is mainly realistic flower patterns. The silk surface is soft, smooth and colorful.

With the development of society and the increase of population, people need scarves more and more, and the processing of scarves is also very fine. Even if we wear real animal skins, we will go through many processing procedures and will not feel the bloody nature of the beast itself. Moreover, the development of human civilization does not allow us to kill many animals. They are no longer the object of human conquest, but the object of our protection. Fashionists like to wear animal scarves, which are no longer real fur, have evolved into silk, cashmere and other very soft materials. The animal pattern is only a form, that is, it only retains the animal pattern. The style of scarf and the matching of clothes make people feel fashionable. What leopard print, zebra print, and snake scarf?