Don't Believe It! Scarf Is A Traditional Chinese Medicine!
- Jan 26, 2019 -

If you want to ask, what is the scarf used for? Ninety-nine percent of people will answer about keeping warm and sunscreen, but you don't know that scarf is still a kind of "medicine".

Efficacy one:

Preventing colds and saying goodbye to scallions and jade screens

Are you still eating scallions and garlic to prevent colds? In fact, a scarf can solve the problem. In traditional Chinese medicine, the neck is the easiest place to enter the wind in autumn and winter. If you can protect your neck well, it is more effective than eating jade screen.

There are still many people who wonder why I catch a cold in summer, and for a long time not good?

In fact, most of the problems are air conditioning, indoor temperature is low, outdoor temperature is high, a high one low lead to your resistance to decline, a scarf can also help you prevent air conditioning diseases.

Efficacy two:

Neck dew less, cervical spondylosis is not disturbed

According to TCM, wind, cold, summer, dampness, dryness and fire are the six pathogenic factors, of which the evil of wind and cold ranks the first two.

The neck is the "fortress" of the human body. The neck is full of blood vessels. There are many important acupoints, such as Dazhui acupoint, Fengchi acupoint on the cervical spine, and Jianjing acupoint extending to the shoulder. Therefore, autumn and winter are the season with high incidence of cervical spondylosis, so a scarf can help you keep away from the cold and disease.

Efficacy three:

A good scarf, no trouble at the waist and back

In autumn and winter, if you don't wear high-collar clothes and a little cold wind gets into your neck, you will have a cold war all over your body.  Therefore, the neck is most afraid of freezing.

Especially modern people use computers for a long time, which is easy to cause stiffness of neck muscles. If combined with the cold attack in autumn and winter, the back will be cold. Muscles are prone to spasm and pain. This kind of pain will radiate to the upper shoulder area and scapular area. Repeated long-term cold, small cold, rheumatism, etc.

Efficacy four:

Warm in winter and wake up all day

Scarf has the function of promoting blood circulation and alleviating fatigue. Whether in the cold autumn and winter or in the cool summer indoor, the scarf is the best match.

Do you think the scarf is really a special kind of Chinese medicine after reading it?

Many people say that I think it's too ugly to wear a scarf. In fact, the distance between you and beauty is only one scarf.

Out of temperament, out of beauty and youthful vigor, look at the following motions to guide it ~The most fashionable scarf tie method Oh

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