What is silk fabric
- Sep 26, 2018 -

What is the difference between pure silk fabrics and not pure silk fabrics? Pure silk fabric refers to fabrics whose composition is 100% silk and is not mixed with other ingredients. Corresponding to the blended fabrics, such as silk-cotton blended silk satin or silk-cotton or silk-polyester blend.

However, the general pure silk is a word that is more colloquial. If it is written in real words, it is generally written as 100% silk. Or 100% other fabrics.

In addition, there is a special fabric in the silk fabric, with elastic silk fabric, elastic satin, elastic crepe, elastic georgette, etc. These fabrics are elastic, and the silk itself is not very elastic, so Certainly some elastic fabrics will be added, and the spandex is added here. The composition of the general stretch silk fabric is 4%-6% spandex, 94%-96% silk.

Sometimes it is said that the cage is unified, and the elastic silk fabric is also classified as pure silk.

Raw silk is a kind of mulberry silk, which can also be said to be a semi-finished product of cooked silk, because the general silk-making process is silkworm cocoon---raw silk. Generally, the silkworm cocoons are first added to the boiling pot of 80 degrees hot water. After the silkworm cocoons soften and expand, the silkworms are pulled out and wrapped around the silk frame. This is raw silk. When the raw silk is processed, it becomes a cooked silk. Generally speaking, the silk fabric made of raw silk is relatively stiff, has steel bone and is easy to shape; the silk fabric made of cooked silk is soft and close.

 Therefore, raw silk is also a kind of silk. Generally, the silk fabric made of raw silk has a double palace which is often used for making curtains, and is suitable for silk enamel and taffeta of wedding dresses. Very popular abroad.