Skillful use of silk scarves, easy to create a fashionable hairstyle!
- Feb 09, 2019 -

It is believed that using silk scarves to match clothes is something that many women often do. Actually, silk scarves can not only be wrapped around their necks, but also be used to modify their hair styles. Today, the more tightly weaving is introduced to a silk scarf ponytail. The steps are simple and easy to learn. At the same time, because there are many styles of silk scarves, they can also make various styles according to their mood, so they can learn together quickly if they are heartfelt. Come on.

With the decoration of silk scarf, the original simple and monotonous ponytail pigtail suddenly became angry. At the same time, it can make a variety of styles and effects according to the style of silk scarf and the shape of rod. It is simply a set of artifacts in the hairstyle circle.

First, prepare a square scarf with brighter colors and brighter patterns, and then fold it diagonally into a triangle.

Then, fold one corner of the triangular scarf to the oblique side once, and then fold the second time, so that the scarf becomes a long strip shape.

First, use a large curling bar to curl the hair from the middle into a fluffy wavy curl. After curling, a layer of elastic mousse can be applied to the hair to make it more curly.

Reserve the bangs and the hair on both sides of your face, tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail braid behind your head. The ponytail can be as high as your ears, neither too naive nor too old.

Tie the horse's tail well with a transparent or fine rubber similar to the color of the hair. Pay attention to maintaining the overall fluffy feeling of the hairstyle. You can create a fluffy feeling by gently pulling the top hair with your hands after the horse's tail is tied.

Fold the silk scarf into strips, and wrap the center of the folded silk scarf upward from the bottom of the horse's tail, so that the silk scarf can cover up the rubber band that ties the hair.

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