Main method of printing
- Sep 26, 2018 -

There are many ways to print a dye or paint on a fabric.But the main methods are as follows.


One of the printing methods. The method of directly printing the flower patterns of various colors on the fabric is direct printing, which is the simplest and most common one of several printing methods. In the printing process, the color pastes of various colors do not hinder and destroy. About 80%-90% of printed fabrics use this method. The method can print white flowers and flower patterns. According to the different pattern requirements, it is also suitable for white, full and color: white printing pattern area is small, white area is large; large area of printed area is large, most areas of fabric are printed with pattern; direct printing of color ground It means dyeing the ground color first, then printing the pattern, which is called “overprint”. However, due to the color combination, the same color is generally used, and similar colors or shallow deep flowers are mostly used, otherwise the color of the overlapping color is dim.


On the dyed fabric, a paste containing a reducing agent or an oxidizing agent is printed to destroy the ground color and partially expose the white or colored pattern. The dyed ground fabric is printed with a color paddle containing chemicals that can destroy the ground color. These chemicals are called discharge agents. Chemically resistant dyes can also be added to the discharge paddle. Such a discharge printing can obtain two effects, namely, whitening and color drawing.